The Innovation Mindset & Play

In a recent search for further understanding about innovation I came across 2 articles that have made me re-think my practice.

Jun Nakamuro, Leadership Development Trainer for Organizational Reform based in the US. In his article ‘Re-Translating Lean from Its Origin’, re-examines the Kaizen methodology that informs  The Toyota Production System.

He looks at the language of Kaizen and its translation and notes how a different view focuses on Kaizen as a mindset.

Kaizen is not about making physical improvements. Kaizen is about changing one’s behaviors ‘

Mark Masuoka Director and CEO of Akron Art Museum in the US, wrote an article in 2018 discussing the requirement for our people to have imagination. With the challenge of AI potentially removing transactional work, what remains is work that requires problem solving, vision making, thinking differently and human pattern recognition analysis.

All attributes and outcomes of a creative and active imagination.

Innovation often focuses on product development and the processes that shape our roadmap to new products. And although there is no doubt that technological innovation can support our move to more sustainable economies and environments, my practice has been focused on developing and growing people and their mindsets.

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