Create agency by training your people with the tools to implement and make the changes they need for your service to meet your customers requirements. We train them in the tools so they can make the changes.

Our programmes:

•Are person centered, co-produced, practical sessions designed for experiential learning.

•Use visual, experiential tools and templates that are easy to use and understand,  that facilitate identification of innovative opportunities for improvements

•Encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary teamwork to leverage the skills, personalities and thinking styles of many in order to solve multifaceted problems.

Case Study.

Changeworks Fuel Advisory team were swamped with an evergrowing waiting list of vulnerable clients. The Covid 19 Pandemic had increased the need with more and more clients struggling with Fuel Debt and associated issues. They knew they needed to make changes to the service to both manage better outcomes for their clients and also produce efficient and effective systems for the Team.

In collaboration with management, the needs, goals and requirements of teh service were discussed to support strategic alignment with the rest of teh organisation.  IZBI then  designed and delivered a 12 week programme for transformation.

The team explored the use of visual and experiental tools to discover new perspectives and information, to visually map and design interventions for better outcomes and to prototype these ideas for iterative imrpovements.

The team moved from stressed states to energised and empowered with these new skills and mindset that gave them the potential to discover, design and implement service trasnformation.


The team operating model required a thorough review and redesign to enable our householder facing support services to be delivered in a more efficient manner. We had also experienced a year of operation through Covid and although we had been able to deliver most of our services, we needed to further adapt to current and future operating environments.

Esther took the time to understand what the challenges were and the vision for the team going forward, she then worked with the team taking them through a whole system service transformation process. The team valued Esther’s approach and whilst apprehensive to start with, soon realised how important and needed this work was. In a short space of time the team went from viewing the weekly sessions as an additional burden to being vital to the future success of the service and securing funding.

Working with Esther was a pleasure, her creativity and ability to listen to the team’s views and translate their thoughts and ideas into clear workable solutions enabled the team to develop multiple new processes which are in the process of being tested and implemented. As a result of working with Esther the team are now more bought into change processes and regularly make suggestions on tweaks, fine tuning or even new ways of delivering the service.

Sam Mills Head of Projects Changeworsk