Develop your team by uncovering your Service purpose, goals and vision. Build collaborative, empowered change agents by learning to use innovation tools to develop greater understanding, build relationships and agree the teams vision.

We use experiential and visual tools to facilitate better communications, develop new learning and understanding to improve their service provision.

Tools encompase language, metaphor and business process mapping to enable your team to develop their identity and create their vision of the service.

Case Study: Wheatley Group

The situation of interest: the team provided paralegal services for a large organisation. Comprising a mix of full time and flexi time workers they were struggling to manage organisational demand and schedule output as required. Work requests were arriving with poor data causing waste in the system and as a consequence the morale in the the team was low.

Task: to design and deliver a series of workshops to enable the team to re-discover their purpose within the organisation, their individual strengths and how collaborating creates a strong team.

Outcomes: We ran a series of workshops using experiential and innovation tools to explore communications, build trust and share knowledge. Collaboratively they surfaced their strenghts within the team and further developed innovative skills for leading and transforming their service.

The team quickly and whole heartedly engaged with the use of modelling concepts with Lego and Treasure Mapping tools to explore what their values were. The team developed a clear set of principles and came up with their Super Hero name which encapsulated their shared vison.


Staff found the experience stimulating and motivating. The buzz and interaction in the room was really great. As result of such a positive experience they came up with new ideas and innovations to improve service delivery which have now been successfully implemented.

Staff are working and communicating better as a team and are more confident. They talk about change in a different way and look for solutions rather than being frustrated by inefficiencies and the stress of managing failure.

Anne Mackenzie – Chief Counsel Wheatley Group