Visual and creative problem solving tools

We co-design and deliver transformational training for your people. We facilitate the development of innovative and creative problem solving skill sets for your team so they can affect positive change to your service.

Our services

We believe that our greatest resources for change are our people. At Imaginary Zoo Business Ideation we have developed experiential and visual training programmes for different stages of your transformation journey. We help you build innovative capability in your people who will lead your organisation to excellence.

Transformation Tools

Experiential and visual tools to help you think outside the box; for creative problem solving and developing ideas for improvements.


Designed to help you and your people explore your services, develop vision, strategic design and a shared understanding of your purpose.

Challenge Day

Innovation is created by people. The Challenge Days gives your team a platform to develop new ideas that can transform your service.

Development Programmes

Collaborating on messy and complex issues, our programmes develop creative problem solving skills using visual business tools.


What our clients say about our programmes

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