we are creative collaborators


we were founded  in 1989  to provide a forum for new writing and performance, working with and via the community. Imaginary Zoo works in many strands of personal and community development employing a multi-disciplinary approach.

iztinywho we work with

we work with a range of organisations, from under privileged client groups such as young single homeless, to older people recording their working life stories.

previous stakeholders include:

theatre: The Displaced Issue Project, elder park youth project, glasgow,

festivals: new theatre festival brighthelm centre, brighton, mayfest community programme, glasgow.

other: employment initiatives & social work, glasgow. community archives – WISEArchive

iztinywhat we do

using collaborative systems thinking and practice, theatre & drama skills, creative arts and group work our client groups have worked toward developing technical and personal skills.

using these tools to help find voices, personal development has led to increased confidence in social and work situations and drama skills that have led to public performances.