For your Business

Your business is your passion, you will learn how to use the tools to discover and explore your services, develop vision, strategic design and a shared understanding of your purpose.

Problem Identification and Definition​

How do you make improvements for better solutions? Do you think you know what the issues are? Use this tool to check and find out​.

Root Definition​

Different actions come from a different purpose. Explore and discover the root definition and the purpose of your service of product​ so that you can focus and prioritise and focus your actions.

Systems Mapping​

Reexamine how your business works. Your business can be mapped for you to discover and explore your systems. How does this view change your perspective of what you do and how you do it?

Building Partnerships​

Your business is made up of relationships both internal and external. Map the relationships, dependencies and network  of your partners​, stakeholders and suppliers.

Business Model Canvas​

Model your business at high level – start with your identifying your value and go from there.​

Causes Diagram​

What causes what to happen? Track the challenge and effect back to its sources​ so that you can improve and design better solutions for your business.

Cartesian Coordinates​

Decisions are hard – this tools helps you explore what would happen if you do or if you don’t.

Problem to Action mapping​

Using post it notes, Lego and other practical and visual tools to discuss explore and discover the potential solutions to a range of challenges.  Work as a team to develop consensus and drive different perspectives and thinking​


Collaborate across teams to develop a coherent action plan with self-assigned owners to take actions forward​ for improvements.

Critical Task List​

What has to be done next to get to where you need be? Use this tool to prioritise and assign critical tasks to owners​