For the Business

Problem Identification and Definition​

Do you think you know what the problem is – use this tool to check and find out​

Root Definition​

Different actions come from a different purpose, Explore and discover the root definition and purpose of your service of product​

Systems Mapping​

Discover and explore your systems, its boundary’s and entities – how does this view change your perspective of what your role is and how you can work together better.​

Building partnerships​

Map the relationships, dependencies and network  of your partners​

Business Model Canvas​

Model your business at high level – start with your value proposition and go from there.​

Value Mapping​

Align your business work by checking confirming and agreeing your value systems​

Causes Diagram​

What causes what to happen – track the challenge and effect back to its sources​

Cartesian Coordinates​

Decisions are hard – this tools helps you explore what would happen if.​

Problem to Action mapping​

Using post it notes, fuzzy felt and others to discuss explore and discover the potential solutions to a range of problems,  work as a team to develop consensus and drive different perspectives and thinking​


Work as a team to develop a coherent action plan with self-assigned owners to take actions forward​

Critical Task List​

What has to be done next – use this tools to assign critical tasks to owners​