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there is some amazing work being done out there and we are using this page to profile some of the most interesting to us.

do let us know if you come across other work we should profile.


confab – art as conversation

rachel jury| confab

Our ethos is that all arts practice is a conversation: a conversation between the creator of the work and the consumers; between the themes of the work; between the mediums used to express the artistic vision; between the practitioners delivering the vision; and between the multiple layers of relationships, emotions, ideologies and principles with which the vision is perceived and experienced.

Art asks questions at every step of the process, engaging all participants in a continuous dialogue with those questions both as practitioners and consumers. As with a conversation, so conFAB’s work is a fluid, shifting, proactive, responsive, eclectic and open ended dialogue.


broth, kin and care – donna rutherford

donna rutherford

I have been creating theatre and video work since 1990 crossing the roles of writer, performer, video maker and director. Starting from a Live Art background I have developed solo and collaborative projects in the UK and abroad with a wide range of artists, musicians and also community-based participants. The work stems from personal storytelling while combining psychology, social history and the distortion of personal memory.The work manages to make difficult subjects such as displacement, family relations, ageing, and miscommunication in relationships accessible to wide audiences while developing innovative forms of personal storytelling.


lisa le grove

an amazing vocalist based in scotland

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