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personal emergency procedure

Do we all need one of these?

Last year a good friend of mine suffered an unexpected brain aneurism. She lives on her own but was fortunate enough to have called a pal before she passed out. Her pal lives locally and had keys to her flat. She called the ambulance,  directed them to the flat,  let them in and gathered medical and contact information together.

My friend was getting emergency treatment within the hour and consequently is now on the road to a full recovery.

But what if her pal wasn’t around? Didn’t have keys?

What if the hospital had phoned her next of kin- her 83 year old mother who lives 100 miles away?

It occurred to me that we all need a personal emergency procedure to deal with these kind of circumstances. We’re all in the house alone at some point. How do we cope with time critical illnesses?

My 83 year old mother has a emergency alarm that links to a local service but once she is out of the house it isnt useable and this service is not available for everyone.

There are phones out there that you can set to ring out to an list of numbers but they dont have a GPS tag that can be used to locate you.

What I hope we can do here is establish some good practice guidelines and suggestions then its up to you to do your research and get something set up for you and your family.

I think we can create an app for a mobile device that would allow the activation on a button press to call a list of emergency numbers with a text and a gps location of the phone. This would allow a defined group of people to know that something was wrong and also to find you.

In the meantime there is something practical you can do.

Procedures/ guidelines/ suggestions.

  • Identify 3 neighbours / friends who live locally to you
  • Agree a protocol with them
  • Give them keys to your house
  • Get their up to date phone/ mobile numbers and agree they will keep you up to date on number changes
  • Explain your preferences re who to contact and in what order re your next of kin and family
  • Explain your medical information that might be required at A&E. eg allergies / medication
  • Document these notes and agreements – briefly- and inform contacts where this information is stored in your house
  • Using the app programme your phone with the app and relevant contact numbers
  • Inform your family
  • Keep this information up to date


I am looking for software app developers to come forward to design a free app for phones.

There is a great need for this and existing products on the market are restricted to one or two actions only.

We are all in a position of supporting someone we know and love to maintain as much independence as possible.

This app and procedure could help make this happen.

Here are a list of some of the sites that I found useful in this context

Alzheimer’s UK

Age UK

My Ageing Parent